“The first recorded Canadian ski competition took place in Rossland, B.C. in 1897, an event which was organized and promoted by the father of competitive ski racing in Western Canada, Olaus Jeldness. He was the first Canadian downhill champion. Early racing might be considered a free-for-all and clearly dangerous by today’s strict safety standards as the racers all started together at the summit, hurling themselves down the mountain to the finish line on the main street of town. The racers controlled their speed by using their single long pole as both a rudder and brake, choosing their own route down the mountain.
Notable Canadian Championship Winners:
Alpine: Winners
Nancy Greene – 17 Canadian Ski Championship titles
Brian Stemmle – 1995 Super-G – Mt. Ste. Anne
Kate Pace Lindsay – 1997 – DH – Red Mountain
Marie Michele Gagnon – 2014 – SL – Whistler

Ski Cross
Staninlas Rey – 2009 – Canada Olympic Park
Chris Del Bosco – 2011 – Lake Louise Resort
Marielle Thompson – 2016 – Hudson Bay Mountain

Matt Hallat – 15 x Canadian Champion
Alana Ramsay 15 x Canadian Champion”